Oral Histories

Here’s an introductory line which would probably not hook you onto reading this — I mean I should probably write something that could — haha.

I’ve been thinking what I could blog about as all I’ve been doing is reading about issues, histories, stories, matters, anything that the internet has to offer and catches my interest. There’s this interesting topic – that of Oral History – that struck a chord of thought in my mind.

History is a subject that analyses and defines human perspectives, those which succeeded, failed and/or those which remained relevant even if for a short period of time. Time. Another beautiful and significant aspect of History. I love how the two concepts intertwine their way into relating and comparing the cultural and traditional abundance of the legacies of any place, people and/or thing. It’s really just enough to satisfy the wonderance of our curious minds in terms of exploring our own ancestral precedents. A large part of the Legends and Myths we’ve been taught have been imparted to us by the means of storytelling and elaborate discussions of family traditions and cultures. That is – what we’ve heard and what we’ve been told – Oral History.

Although, as beautiful and bonding as the concept of Oral Histories may sound, it’s no ‘solid evidence’ for what may or may not have taken place in the history of the respective topic being taken into consideration. Many people might agree saying a lot of it has been interpreted one way, manipulated throughout the generations of it being storytold, may call it too hearsay for a subject as elaborative in research as this. However, in my most humble opinion, that shouldn’t let us diminish the value of what oral histories have to offer. I think listening to how our previous generations have perceived a particular story/legend/myth is massively endearing and to be able to understand that from a perspective of their understanding is an interesting way to comprehend that respective piece of discussion. Even after understanding, the morals and values that they derive from that piece of story may be wholly different from what we do and this is what defines any generation of thought. Age and time matter again.

Oral histories are a great way to express personal opinions and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it targets another school of thought or league of belief or arises any unnecessary discordance.

P. S. – a particular profoundness of oral histories is that of the tales of how certain superstitions came into being, a topic I’ll research more upon (and probably write on here). Till then, thank you for reading!

Slightly Mighty

I try my hand at poetry whenever rhythm and rhyme play with my senses. A poem can add such wholesomeness to life, its power is impeccable.

I present to you a facet of my life:

And the day silently retires,

Brings back memories of the perfect attire,

My mind running across the shore,

Distracts itself in its whole.


The frog’s cacophony,

Sitting on a surface turned stone-y,

The butterflies fly so high,

My foot stumbles and hurts, sigh.


The brain’s distraction plays deep and deprived,

Taking, still, everything in its stride.


A tangerine coloured sky appears,

Makes my senses all hail and disappear,

Now my smelling aid conspires,

As the fragrance of serenity perspires.


The aura of a placid lake,

All my guilty pleasures start to shake.


Now starts a drizzly tone,

The surface water ripples and dares to have grown,

In a poetic daze, there comes the starry night

As I hum a song say – Neon Knight.


The dark brings along a tensile decision strength,

I let my innate energies flow over a length,

As I walk away from this visual dream,

I go back to a town, not the same as was this stream.

The First Rain

For a kick-start, what better to write about other than the dangling mood swings of this rather indecisive weather.

Hello, I’m a sixteen year old trying to write more often than, oh well, not.

A day or two ago, I was awakened scared by a terrifying wave of noise. Thunder. Some consistent, especially loud, unpleasant to the ear, frequent thundering. The current went off and the room felt overly humid. I ran outside seeking a coolant only to be chased by a heavy downpour of rain. The air felt definitely cooler and it was a relief from the scorching heat this summer had produced hitherto. Normally, annoyance is what I strongly feel when the rain plans to hit my face and keep my eyes from opening. A change of temperature, respective of the weather, always alters my perception about the rain a little. I enjoy rainy seasons, I also don’t. Guess the weather isn’t sure of its varying moods as well, considering the fact it has been just two days and the temperature has already risen to its usual – sweaty and dry. The day, anyway, resumed to be nice and cool while there was no sign of any complaint from my side (about the weather, at least).

The first rain of the season was all in all a pleasant surprise. Also, the thunder and lightning were probably compositions that Thor was working on. It’s best to let him do his thing.

Footnote: This was just a muse to keep me going further as I will try to expand my writing territory with every piece, hopefully. (Even if not, I can keep writing about the weather you know).

P. S. – I remember promising word-play. Time will bring with itself, promised brilliance.